November 9th, 2015

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Breaking news: German FA boss resigns due to corruption allegations.

It actually happened. Wolfgang Niersbach, who only last week gave a memorable press conference in which he could remember about as much about anything he was asked as Christoph Kramer can of the World Cup final (disclaimer: not my joke, everyone on Twitter was making it) just resigned.

Wow. This was quicker than expected. Meanwhile, Blatter still has not done anything wrong.

Will add more links as I find them. So far, this whole thing has been a mess (it's all related to the issue how we got the 2006 world cup, with allegations of tax fraud, and police investigation the DFB as well as people from its leadership). Former boss Zwanziger is heavily involved, accusing other people. Günter Netzer (famous former player) wants to sue Zwanziger because Zwanziger implicated him as having known things. Beckenbauer so far made of teflon, nothing sticking to him.

Should we have a "corruption" tag?

ETA: The statement he released says that he has done nothing wrong personally, didn't know anything about anything, but is withdrawing because he wants to protect the DFB and the office. He wants to contribute to clearing up the accusations.

Also, Bayern is playing a friendly against amateurs, can be watched in the Schöner Fernsehen app/site, channel Sport1. Badstuber is starting.