October 21st, 2015

cat, cloak and dagger

Champions league qualifiers

Chatter from the sidelines

Arsenal 2- 0 Bayern Munich

I don't have much commentary for this match because I was watching Chelsea's match for reasons you'll hear about later

Bayern Fans leaving word that they have been Champions before. Oh, word? Football trashtalk, I dig, I dig!

Props to Bayern fans for taking a stand re: tickets, and props to Arsenal fans for giving Bayern Munich fans props about taking a stand re tickets. So the atmosphere started off right, you get me?

OMG, this! Twenty is plenty, people! Arsenal takes the piss.

Players posing. Yo, tell me if the pictures are a bit too much, yeah?

Lie, I did watch the first half of the Arsenal match (back and forth between Chelsea) again, for reasons. I was dead impressed with Arsenal, and wonder what sort of talk they got</i>

Ledandowski was neutered in the first half

LOOOOL, I thought this was Phillipe Countino

FIGGGGHHHTTT for the ball

Walcott was feeling his oats. More like that, please, Feo


One, two, stretch!

So, is Ospina going to see Champions League action, or nah. *insert troll face here*

Oh yeah, Alonso was in the game. For real?

Giroud strikes!

Ozil scored the second goal. He lives

Dynamo Kiev 0 -0 Chelsea

Mourinho tasked Hazard to win the match for Chelsea. Hazard had a great attempt, creating a chance out of nothing as he does - but missed. But a good miss you know?

Tell me, who is this? Begovic, right? So why was the BT sport commentator calling him Courtois? Why is BT Sports so goddamn shyte? Why bother to pay all that money for Champions League if your commentators are so PITIFUL?! Why are you making me watch your coverage with a frown, yo? All 90 mins, I was like, "It's Begovic, you muppet."

Diego Costa behaved himself. No spitting, winding up players and even apologised? *raised eyebrows*

JOhn Terry back in the stirrups

There was fan trouble and blood, I won't show you that so, have this picture instead. Cahill was working

Willian had a good attempt at a kick, but it hit the bar. I can't find a picture of the player that I watched the match for. Figures

Bejovic was immense. Still no picture of the player I wanted to speak about. So we'll talk about him another time >:(

BATE Borisov 0- 2 Barcelona

Barcelona's kit looks like a bloody egg. Didn't watch this match, so how did it go?


Casillas sets a record

4 CL teams were unbeaten going into this round

Neuer is magic

Champions League stage results. SMH at Leverkusen and Roma. That tells me that you had no midfield or defense

OP: done! Sorry, fate is conspiring against me with these posts this week. If not illness, it's electronics. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill. Will try and tag this later.