September 9th, 2015

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euro 2016 qualifiers

Chatter from the sidelines


Wayne Rooney's speech to the dressing room after his 50th goal for his country. Woy had a shirt with 50 on the back for Rooney. The players were clapping for him, and said, "Speech, speech!" Rooney thanked the staff and team, saying how much it meant to him and his family. Gave Harry Kane and Ross Barkley a shoutout


Jose Mourinho and daughter. Mourinho got a special award for GQ Man of the Year. His daughter got a nod in The Daily Mail. Normally, in high fashion circles, the rule is: if you show your chest, you cover your legs. If you cover your chest, you show your legs. You never do both. But the ladies from the Iberian Peninsula always ignore the rule, and rock it, so I dunno why Mou is surprised? He's from the area!

USA 0 -4 Brazil

People who watched the game: give me 140 characters about the match. I didn't watch the match, but in keeping with the theme of a country is playing, so I'm going to attempt their cuisine, I did fried rice balls (Brasil) with Chimchurri (Argentina). My SO declared the combo lovely, but rich

Textbook slide tackles. Pretty as a picture

Neymar isn't pregnant, his friend just had a baby. Please, back away from the ledge. This has been a PSA. Thank you

Euro Qualifiers 2016
England 0 - 2 Switzerland

This match had the match up to be a grand one. Switzerland aren't shy, retiring daisies, and through some strange quirk (i.e. - English money) two of their players play for English teams (Inler at Leicester and Shaqiri at Stoke). Not the sexiest of teams, but they've been flying high lately. England needed a match to see where they stood and this was it. That kid is Romeo Beckham, David Beckham's kid. David Beckham wanted to be on the pitch with Rooney but because he couldn't he sent his kid as a mascot as a good luck charm. Cute

Remind me (and I hate that I can remember this, and not my conjugations for estar), isn't this the Beckham kid who supposedly got into fits over flashing lights - only to rock a Burberry campaign two years ago?

David Beckham showed up to see his former teammate. He doesn't sound like Donald Duck anymore

So. This match. Would Wayne Rooney reach 50 goals. Or would the real MVP, Own Goal? Bets were had, I had a flutter on Own Goal, because he's an OG, you know?

Smalling got MOTM- but I thought Shaw should have gotten it. He was dousing flames, tearing up the wing, making dem crosses... hot fire!

Although England has broken my heart on every bloody occasion, when the match is on, I get out my flag, tug on my Umbro(!!!!!) shirt and watch. This match wasn't really that good, in that some players just didn't seem switched on ( Ox, I'm looking at you). The shape of it changed when Harry Kane came on, but Kane's 3 goals in 4 appearances didn't matter it was Rooney! When Sterling drew the penalty (he's clever at that), the colour comms were all, "Ooooh, who's going to take that?!" Come ON, now? Who wasn't?

Harry Kane was the first to step up and congratulate, not hate

Everyone came over and congratulated Rooney on his accomplishment. 50 th goal, the most goals by an English player for his country. Sir Bobby Charlton sent a lovely message of congratulations. If I can find it, I'll reproduce it here

Sir Charlton and Wayne Rooney

If the video doesn't work, this is the picture you need. Right, enough jingoism and flag waving from me. Apologies if you've gotten this far. Moving onnnn!!!

Spain 1- 0 Macedonia

What happened here? 140 characters, please? Pretend that it's a tweet

Sorry, this was cute. I had to share.

Isco doing his moves

David de Gea got his start in goal. About bloody time. I know that everyone on tumblr is all rending their garments and going, "But Casillas!" Football is always moving towards the future, the next sure thing. DDG is the next sure thing. He's also doing a Greta Garbo/Beyonce thing, keeping silent unless forced to speak, like a Sphinx

San Marino 1 -1 Latvia

SCORE! San Marino scores their first goal in competition!

We see you, San Marino!


OP: done! Am off to have scones and jam! Any cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback against commentary - I can't hear you over my scones and jam (keto, what keto?) bye!!!