July 8th, 2015

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if ur going to lose ur phone

I hadn't seen this so...

As we all know, the feeling that occurs the moment you realize your phone is missing can be one of the most horrifying feelings in the world.

Austin Woolstenhulme sadly experienced that feeling last weekend in Las Vegas. But before she lost it, she luckily snapped an iPhone selfie with her posse. (Yes, she was in town to see Zedd.)

Woolstenhulme and Co.'s smiles surely turned sour once she realized her phone was missing. Luckily, a certain 30-year-old Portuguese footballer happened to find it.

Ronaldo, who's currently in the United States vacationing before rejoining Real Madrid for preseason training, not only returned Woolstenhulme's phone. The superstar samaritan also took Woolstenhulme and her clique out for dinner at the Wynn hotel.