May 27th, 2015

mannschaft, dude, high five

let us all throw a pity party for those poor old rich dudes's rundown on the FIFA scuffle as it is now

so far elections are still on for Friday UEFA is really pushing hard for them to be postponed until the air is cleared. However Asian groups are giving the go ahead so we'll see (given interpol's investigation into Asian gambling rings... well, who knows)'s s play-by-play as it happened the swiss are supposedly going to question blatter within days however seeing as how he is a slimy slimy snake he will likely slither off to somewhere safe

(and even if he was indicted... he could always be replaced by... platini who is justifying Blatter's run because "he's afraid of life after football" boo hoo)

but even if these folks are arrested it's a really deep rabbit hole

the story on Chuck Blazer that someone else in the comm found</a>. The way I am reading it the IRS were able to come after him for income tax evasion. That led to finding out about the other people that were arrested today who and the FBI could indict because they had American bank accounts (on American servers) where they were hiding their own money. Meaning it's technically punishable in USA.