April 1st, 2015

mannschaft, dude, high five

didn't see that one coming

Arsene Wenger has agreed to be one of the models for Macy's upcoming winter coat line. The deal was announced quietly in a board meeting focused on upcoming marketing plans for the 15-16 fashion year. Macy's is developing an “Around the World” line and is approaching various well-known figures from various countries in a variety of recreational activities.
There is some concern this agreement will run afoul of Arsenal's contract with PUMA. When asked, Wenger just shrugged and said “the zippers were good.”


Jerome Boateng charged with assault on fiancée

Some articles in German, the gist, from the post on the Bayern subreddit

Fiancee says Jerome has been violent multiple times between 01.05.2014 & 05.02.2015. Also says that he has bitten her during an argument in december. In 8 years on/off relationship, he supposedly cheated on her at least 20 times, but she "always had hope, because he can be loving as well."

OT but How does Cristoph Kramer have a tag and this guy doesn't?

today's date makes me question many things but this is not exactly joking material o_O