February 3rd, 2015

Aaron #1

Cesc Fabregas punches London bus (no, not the Chelsea team) in road-rage bust-up.

Cesc Fabregas allegedly took on a double-decker bus and ‘punched’ it in the windscreen after he was reportedly captured on camera in a road rage incident.

Bus driver Martin Hughes claims that the Chelsea player cut in front of the 93 bus to Putney Bridge in his £150,000 Aston Martin Vanquish on Wednesday afternoon.

Hughes told the Sun on Sunday that the maneuverer forced him to mount the kerb. He alleges he tapped the footballer’s windscreen to complain about his driving, only to be sworn at.

Apparently revealing to the footballer that the incident was filmed on his on-board camera, Hughes claims he told Fabregas: “I know you and I've got it all on camera - and by the way you are a s*** footballer.”

Hughes alleges Fabregas then sped off, stopped his car, got out, walked up to his bus and punched it in the windscreen.

Hughes added, however, that the bus was not damaged.

A spokesperson for Fabregas is yet to respond to request for comment.

The Spanish player was forced to withdraw from the match against Manchester City on Saturday with a hamstring injury.

Aaron #1

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