January 31st, 2015


Asian Cup

CHAMPIONSHIP - South Korea v Australia

31 Jan 2015
08:00pm (9:00am UTC)
South Korea v Australia
Stadium Australia (Sydney)

Original Game Times are AEDT (UTC+11). Times in parentheses are UTC.

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And that's all folks! If you are itching for more international games, the Africa Cup of Nations is also being held.
The Devil's Wh0re

AFCON 2015 (no longer a preview)

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Apologies for not posting this before AFCON got started. I guess now you can look and see if World Soccer's analysis was remotely close to what happened in the group stages. ;-P There are write ups for all of the other teams (like Gabon, Senegal, South Africa, and Cameroon) but I omitted them since this post is pretty long. If you would like to see them, let me know and I'll do another post.
Samurai Per