January 30th, 2015


Asian Cup - Consolation Game

3rd/4th Place Game - Iraq v United Arab Emirates

30 Jan 2015
08:00pm (9:00am UTC)
Iraq v United Arab Emirates
Newcastle Stadium

Original Game Times are AEDT (UTC+11). Times in parentheses are UTC.

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The final between South Korea and Australia is on Saturday, January 31st. (Rematch!) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with these posts!
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news and gossip (and some pics, not much)

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Aaron #1

Shakira gives birth to another baby boy!

Flawless queen Shakira finally gave birth to her second son in the Teknon Hospital in Barcelona. The baby was born around 11 PM on Thrusday. The baby's father, some flop named PK, had traveled to Madrid that morning to destroy Atletico Madrid (sob) 3-2 in the Copa del Rey.

The couple's first son, Milan, turned two last week on January 22nd. As of now, there hasn't been official confirmation of the baby's name, but PK's friend and journalist Jordi Basté stated in the show Arucitys that the baby could be called either Andrea or Sacha.

Shakira and her partner will turn 38 and 28 (respectively) this upcoming February 2nd.
Aaron #1

GAME WEEKEND #24 - Friday Night Football