January 26th, 2015


Asian Cup - Semifinals Day 1 of 2

Semifinals Day 1 of 2 - South Korea v Iraq

26 Jan 2015
08:00pm (9:00am UTC)
South Korea v Iraq
Stadium Australia (Sydney)

Original Game Times are AEDT (UTC+11). Times in parentheses are UTC.

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Losers of today's match will play in the 3rd/4th place too-bad-so-sad-you-lost consolation game on Friday, January 30th, while the winners will play in the final on Saturday, January 31st.  Australia and UAE play tomorrow, same bat time, not quite the same bat channel.
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Aaron #1

Oh dear, he's at it again.

Chelsea were always the team I wanted to beat the most, admits Cesc Fabregas as he reminisces on a Jose Mourinho rivalry and compares his boss to Pep Guardiola.

Okay so, I had to include a picture of Cesc since the article is about him. But I put a picture of him with Dave so that we can admire Dave's cuteness instead.

Cesc Fabregas has admitted he never would have dreamed of playing for Jose Mourinho three years ago when the two were arch-enemies in Spain.

The Chelsea midfielder now says he’s happier than ever playing for the former Real Madrid manager, compares him to Pep Guardiola, and says he is desperate to win the European Cup with him.

Asked in an interview in El Pais in Spain if he could ever have imagined working for Mourinho he says: ‘Three years ago no. It just shows you how you can never tell in life, and even more so in football. We had a very intense rivalry with Mourinho. It never reached the level of hatred, not even close, but there were disagreements with him and [John] Terry too. Chelsea were always the team that I most wanted to beat.’

Asked how Terry received Fabregas into the dressing room when he joined last summer the Spain international said: ‘He told me that anything I needed I could count on him.

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Hmmm, personally I don't think Pep and Mou would be too happy at being compared to each other.
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