January 25th, 2015

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Arsenal finally sign a centre-back! Plus some other news.

And also:

Some other news:

- Bug Eyes (aka Mesut Özil) will be back for the FA Cup match against Brighton!

- Jorge Mendes (ugh) claims that Crispy almost signed for Arsenal but we couldn't his transfer fee because of the construction of the Emirates Stadium.

- Arsenal Ladies have signed Vicky Losada from Barca! She's won the Women's La Liga (Superliga) thrice with them and is a member of the Spanish Women's NT!

- Arsenal are reportedly hoping to get Asier Illarramendi from Real Madrid in the summer.

- They have also supposedly launched a bid for Borussia Dortmund's Kevin Großkreutz. (Utter bullshit, but it would be nice to see BFG and Le Döner-Thrower together again.)
Aaron #1

GAME WEEKEND #23! (Contd.)

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FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY will make the competition even more unfair

When the January transfer window closes, the biggest clubs in the game will once again have purchased the best players from their smaller counterparts. A tale that is able to repeat itself because of one thing only: Money. A whole lot of it. UEFA's Financial Fair Play wants to put an end to these excesses, but research has revealed that the rules don't have their desired effect. On the contrary. How then, do we make football more fair?

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[SOURCE. Note! I translated the article and added a few things here and there. More articles such as this one will follow, as I've noticed there's an interest in the community!]

Didier Drogba Honoured by Football Writers' Association (long picspam at the end)

The Tribute Award has been given out to the likes of Arsène Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, The Special One and a bunch of other people. For any newcomers, it's an award that's handed out annually to people who the committe believes has contributed to the national game in a significant way. (Thanks Wikipedia! thumbsup.jpg)

Mou led the tributes to the Chelsea striker, touching on the first time he saw Didier and some of the mouments he felt best represented the legendary striker as a person. The Special One also called Drogba, who signed with Chelsea in 2004, one of the best buys the club has ever made (thanks sugar daddy Roman ♥♥♥).

And so the bard known as Mourinho strummed his lute and began his tale...

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source for the speech thing. I advise against drinking and posting, typing gets difficult later on D: also apologies for the size of the text! I somehoww borked the html and cannot, for the life of me, fix it...

What's a Didier post without this iconic moment?