January 22nd, 2015

Aaron #1

GAME WEEK #23! - Thursday Night Football


Asian Cup - Quarterfinals Day 2 of 2

Quarterfinals Day 2 of 2 - Iran, Iraq, Japan, UAE

23 Jan 2015
05:30pm (6:30am UTC)
Iran v Iraq
Canberra Stadium

23 Jan 2015
08:30pm (9:30am UTC)
Japan v United Arab Emirates
Stadium Australia (Sydney)

Original Game Times are AEDT (UTC+11). Times in parentheses are UTC.

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Be prepared to hear Omar Abdulrahman mentioned 100 times by the comms if you watch Japan-UAE. The English-language comms, especially, just cannot help themselves. ;-)

Also, Saturday & Sunday are rest days.  The semifinals will begin on Monday, January 26th.