December 16th, 2014

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King Henry retires.... going back to London...

.... to join Sky Sports!

Thierry Henry posted this on his Facebook page today:

"After 20 years in the game I have decided to retire from professional football. It has been an incredible journey and I would like to thank all the fans, team mates and individuals involved with AS Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona, the New York Red Bulls and of course the French National Team that have made my time in the game so special.
It is now time for a different career path and I am pleased to say that I will be returning to London and joining Sky Sports. I will hopefully share some of the insights, observations and experiences I have learnt over the years with you guys.
I have had some amazing memories (mostly good!) and a wonderful experience.
I hope you have enjoyed watching as much as I have enjoyed taking part.
See you on the other side..."

One step closer to coming back to Arsenal.
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