November 5th, 2014

cat, cloak and dagger

uefea round up and previews for matches tonight

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Some ridiculous transfer tidbits!

Real Madrid step up their interest in David de Gea: HERE

(No, please. I like him in Manchester United. He's doing a great job and is the starting GK there. Why would he give that up to warm the bench for Iker?)

Arsenal consider Asier Illaramendi as an alternative to Sami Khedira: HERE

(Hmmm, I'd rather have Khedira with us because we need a DM like, now. Plus, there's an entire German contingent, including Bug Eyes, waiting to welcome him with open arms.)

And speaking of Khedira, practically every club still wants him: HERE

Hugo Lloris also on Madrid's radar: SOURCE DE JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY

(Loving these Iker replacement rumors.)

Manchester City make £10 million-a-year offer in bid to snap up Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United target Marco Reus: HERE

(As long as he doesn't go to Chelsea or warms the bench at the Etihad. Can he just pull a Jens Lehmann and Rosicky and just come to Arsenal?)

According to Rat-Face, Real Madrid was interested in signing him: HERE

(Well, well, well.)

Chelsea is interested in Antonio Rudiger as replacement for John Terry: HERE

(Wait, what? He's an Arsenal fan! He should come to us!)

Forgot to add this priceless one:

Madrid are looking at prodigiously buttocked Eden Hazard as a replacement for Mistress Headband Gareth Bale while fellow Welshman (no, not the Welsh Prince, he can stay forever at Arsenal) Ryan Giggs is apparently persuading him to come back to the Premier League, preferably to Old Trafford: HERE

(Nope. I'm quite certain that won't happen. Mou's not gonna give up Hazard, his protege to Real Madrid and Flo isn't gonna sell a player for whom he paid 100 million euros. It doesn't make sense.)

Some of this information has been posted at Hala Madrid as well.
Cristiano pink
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Cristiano Ronaldo awarded the Golden Boot for the third time in his career.

THIS IS CROSS-POSTED TO hala_madrid! I hope it's okay to share here, too.

Graphics courtesy of madridistaforever.

A hat-trick of Golden Boots for Cristiano Ronaldo! The award given to Europe's maximum goal-scorer of the season. This year Cristiano shares the honour with Luis Suárez (AKA Sir Bite-a-lot), as both players scored 31 goals for their clubs, Real Madrid and Liverpool respectively.

The first time Ronaldo won the Golden Shoe was in the 2007-08 season when he was playing for Manchester United under the watchful eye of Alex Ferguson. He ended it with 31 goals, winning his club the Champions League along the way.

His next came with Real Madrid in the 2010-11 season - his second year playing in the white shirt. The Portuguese scored 41 goals, beating the 38-goal record left by the great Zarra and Hugo Sánchez.

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I'd like to encourage everyone to watch THIS video on Marca's website. It's a compilation of young!Cristiano which moved his mother to tears during the ceremony. :-)

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