October 15th, 2014


2015 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers - Week #idk (Wed games)

I know y'all are just chomping at the bit for even more matches these week (NO, everyone screams), and the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers are here to provide.  This is a scheduled post - idk if it's going to post correctly or not, but I thought I'd throw this up if someone wanted to watch/follow the games and use it as a discussion post.  I probably will not be around for these games, unfortunately.  By my calculations, the first game will start about an hour after this post (hopefully) goes up.

Right now, Morocco (the 2015 AFCON host nation) has asked the CAF to postpone the final games in January due to the Ebola epidemic (ARTICLE), but no final decision has been made as of yet - it will be discussed at meetings on November 2-3 (ARTICLE).  As far as I can tell, all games today are being played as scheduled.  Prayer circle for everyone involved.

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These times are local (and I don't know what time zones they are), but you can switch them to your local time at the CAF website for the matches.  Click on the little Earth graphic in the upper right corner. Presumably there will also be game summaries: AFCON FIXTURES @ CAF

Also, here's a list of broadcast games I snagged from a beIN Sports stream (these times are Eastern - EDT).  Don't know if any other channels are airing them.

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The rest of the qualifiers are scheduled for Nov 14-15 and Nov 19. 

(Also, pretend Ghana has a tag.)