October 7th, 2014

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Schalke 04 sacks their coach

Sky Sport News just announced that Schalke has fired Jens Keller.

I am not fond of the guy, never was, but the whole thing is disgusting. The way they installed him, never really supported him even though he did a good job and now kicked him to the curb.

Well, it is done now. Wonder who will come next.

ETA: Di Matteo is the new coach!!!
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Iker Casillas interviewed for Canal+

Iker gets asked the tough questions in this lengthy exclusive interview with Iñaki Gabilondo for Canal+. Topics include being accused of being a mole, Mourinho, the direction of his career with Madrid, and more. Here are some highlights and quotes from the interview, which I mashed up together from different sources...

On his recent performances: "In this country, which has a thousand positive things, it also has bad things. Amongst those bad things is envy. It is true that a few months ago everything was grim and I was to blame for everything. The first problem that everyone wanted to get rid of, I seemed like the plague. I have had a bad streak. Especially after the injury that had changed my life, but always whenever you go on a bad streak you look to achieve a positive conclusion. It has been great for me to see the situation. When I walk down the street I only see love from people, from Real Madrid fans and from people who are not from Madrid but who are fans."

On the whistles from the crowd: “It hurts. I have been here since I was nine years old, I have got many things with this club and it has been a springboard to the national team for me. The public are free to do what they want but it also hurts. Being here so long also means I have to accept certain things.”

The anger from the Clasico: “It’s more of the same. A story that is talked about that is not true. I called Xavi and Puyol to throw everything out there. It was an unfortunate incident. Prior to the Barça-Madrid game the tension was high but we got out of hand. They made it 3-2 and we were in a tense situation. We were defending the coach. I spoke with Xavi and Puyol, we all talked about it. They spoke about us kicking them and protesting to the referee. I did not apologise to Xavi. There was tension in the national squad and we were reproached but in this year we lost the cup, won the league and the good times started to come.”

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I will take a bullet for this man. He doesn't have to be your favorite keeper but it's impossible to not respect him, honestly... #DefendIker2kforever #BlancoHastaLaMuerte