September 29th, 2014


Update on the real life Disney Prince!

Attention, good people of ontd_football, Arne Friedrich is back!

Yes, Prince Arne has returned to football after retirement, this time as a coach! This is old news but the DfB-Junior Twitter has confirmed that he will be the assistant coach for the U-18 team.

This is great news for us as we have missed his princely presence on the pitch.

This also means that we must start watching all matches that the babies will play!

The translation reads as: I look forward to my new role as an assistant coach of the U18 team.


Thanks, mrsvixen for the information!

Should we have a Prince Arne spam? I'm up for it!
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Hotel alarm puts Bayern out on Moscow's streets; Pep takes opportunity to take selfie

Bayern Munich are in Russia ahead of their Champions League game against CSKA Moscow, and the Bavarian giants had their night disturbed when the fire alarm at their team hotel forced them outside.

The team, however, appeared to take the inconvenience in their stride, and Bayern's official Twitter account had plenty of fun live-tweeting the hold up.

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lmfao the pic of Robben.

(lmfao thanks amor143x)

okay well now this is just going too far (thanks rare_lj....I think...)

I'm sure Russia 2018 will be just as welcoming ;) (gasp. what if that's actually Russia NT's plan to win the whole thing...)
100% marcelo

prayer circle for blanc and PSG, pep takes over as owner of zlatan voodoo doll

According to a report by Jonathan Johnson of Bleacher Report and ESPN, Laurent Blanc is on the hot seat at Paris Saint-Germain.

If the French giants aren’t able to defeat Barcelona in Tuesday’s Champions League clash, Blanc could be under serious pressure from the club’s hierarchy and according to Johnson, this weekend’s league draw with Toulouse has ratcheted up the heat even more.

The assessment of Blanc’s position may be a bit of an unfair one, given that star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is out for the forseeable future with a heel injury. ("nnn bye bitch," pep whispered and pricked the good sis zlatan, destroying ha chances of playing.)

To see how PSG fare without him, just look to last year’s competition when the club crumbled to Chelsea in the second leg of their quarterfinals, unable to get just one away goal which would have seen them well through.

Zlatan was involved in nearly half of all PSG’s Ligue 1 goals last season with 26 goals and 16 assists (PSG scored 84 goals altogether) and scored 10 of their 25 Champions League goals during the previous competition.

“The only way we will find our level again is by playing because it is our philosophy and the players adhere to it,” Blanc said about his team. “Barcelona have had this philosophy for 30-40 years and see where it led them. We lack aggressiveness when we don’t have the ball.” A harsh but true assessment of his side.

(mm yas gurl, however you STAY fuckin up the programme when you play us in 4-3-3 and shit when everyone knows we do better with 4-2-3-1. sooo )

If that wasn’t enough of a shot to PSG’s chances, captain Thiago Silva (don't even get me started on this extremely talented flop) and electric winger Ezequiel Lavezzi (one of his booty cheeks gave out*) are also injured, with both likely out as well. :((

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