September 25th, 2014


Soccer Star Bellini Is Found to Have Had Brain Trauma

A halfback who was Brazil’s captain when it won its first World Cup in 1958, Bellini, right, first began to struggle with memory loss nearly 20 years ago.

Bellini, the Brazilian soccer star who won the 1958 World Cup and was honored with a statue outside the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, has been found to have had the degenerative brain disease linked to dozens of boxers and American football players when he died in March at age 83.

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Derbies (!!!!) pre-weekend roundup

In 2014, the English FA tried to kill everyone by scheduling the Merseyside Derby and North London Derby on the same day. Thankfully, they at least scheduled them in different time slots or else there would probably be an actual meltdown.

Is it too early to be excite? Too bad, here is a round up of news about the teams and the derbies.

Liverpool under Uefa Financial Fair Play investigation
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Everton manager Roberto Martinez backs Tim Howard to regain form
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Ozil lets press criticism roll off him, praises Arsenal's family club atmosphere
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West Ham will not share Olympic Stadium with Tottenham
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The rest of the news is pretty much the same as always; big weekend for all four clubs as they try to ~prove themselves~ because they've had slow starts blah blah blah. Whatever sports journalists.

So excite for derby-palooza!!!1!

eta omg wait apparently I did not look at the fixtures closely because Dortmund is also playing Schalke this weekend? So much derby-palooza indeed. I don't have any news for these, so if you do, stick it in the comments