September 5th, 2014

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Neymar is the new captain for Brazil

Neymar will captain Brazil in their friendly against Colombia on Saturday and received a ringing endorsement from his national team manager Dunga.
Thiago Silva, who was captain under previous coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is absent from the squad and won't feature in this round of friendlies.
The 22 year-old will become one of Brazil's youngest captains but Dunga insisted that he has all the skills to make him the perfect for the role.

"It has already been decided, [Neymar will be captain]," Dunga told a press conference at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami.

"He's a player with a lot of quality, despite his age is experienced. The captain has to set the standard for the others," he added.

"Neymar has responded very well to it. He is a player who likes challenges and like to win. We talked to him when we first broached the subject and we told him what we wanted. We told him about the advantages and the disadvantages, about the history and responsibility the shirt brings."

Dunga himself captained Brazil to World Cup glory in 1994, and went on to suggest Neymar has everything required to go on and lift the trophy for Brazil in 2018.

"Every time Brazil won a World Cup it did so with leaders who had great personality… we need more players with this characteristic in the group, whether they wear the armband or not."

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from the Brazilian website.

hat tip to mundodeamor for the quotes. You're fab *mwuah*

I'm dead chuffed for Neymar. Back before he joined Barcelona, I thought he was a diving tosser who'd flame out, tbh. But how he behaved after the back injury made him grow in my eyes.
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Ex Liverpool Xabi Alonso’s apparent affair with “Russian Red” was the reason to leave Real Madrid

If reports in Spain are to be believed then infidelity was the real reason behind Xabi Alonso’s sudden movement from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich.

Alonso was apparently given an ultimatum by his wife Nagore Aramburu to leave Madrid due to an affair with Madrid based singer, Russian Red (picture above).

The story broke out in the radio programme “Es morning Federico” and is being reported by a plethora of Spanish media.

Another point to note is the indie singer’s last album had a song called ‘Xabier’ in it. However, sources close to her have denied it to be inspired by the ex Real Madrid star’s name.

spanish source here

It seems that she wrote the music used for his ads with Emilio Tucci

It's amazing how people are easily accepting this instead of believing that he'd just... go and work with Pep Guaridola! Whatever, man. Good luck to everyone.
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Perez: Khedira's injury happened with the NT

Seems there is a difference of opinion between the DFB (Deutscher Fußball Bund) and Florentino Pérez. While the DFB insists that Khedira was already injured when he joined the team for the friendly, Pérez says Khedira was fine when he left Madrid to fly to Germany. Of course - and how could it be otherwise - it's all a matter of money and insurance. When players are injured during matches of the NT insurance pays the club to make up for the time the player can't play for them.

In other news:

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Gooners look to kick homophobia out of football in light-hearted ad

Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Olivier Giroud are featured in a 30-second advert for Arsenal's #RainbowLaces campaign.

From the Arsenal website:

"Arsenal’s participation in the campaign falls under the Arsenal for Everyone initiative which strives to ensure everyone connected to Arsenal - regardless of race, religion, sex, age, sexuality or disability - feels an equal sense of belonging to the club.

Arteta said: "We’re very happy to support the campaign and, while the advert is a light-hearted look at the things we can’t change, discrimination in football cannot be tolerated and we need to work together to change this."

Stewart Selby, co-ordinator and founder of the GayGooners said: "Arsenal’s participation in the advert and the campaign means so much to Arsenal’s LGBT fans and the community. The campaign sends the message that attitudes should and can change. It’s about changing the language and creating an environment where LGBT players and supporters should feel comfortable being themselves and being out in the game.""

[link to the rest of the article]

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Cazorla is a cutie pie and Giroud is gorgeous and he knows it. The little shit.