June 5th, 2014


Pique Announces Cesc Leaving Barcelona...Again! Also: Timeline of Original Cescgate!

There's already speculation this was a prank because they seem too amused by what they're doing.

All I know is that Cesc's Cescgate tag is once more relevant.

Update: The Original Cescgate Timeline:


11 SEP 2003
After failing to guarantee first team opportunities, and not working hard enough to keep him, Barcelona lose Cesc Fabregas to Arsenal, where he makes his first team debut 40 days later in a Carling Cup match against Rotherham United.

2 OCT 2009
Xavi coins the now legendary phrase “He is a football player with Barça DNA” about Cesc Fabregas in an interview with El Mundo Deportivo.

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king rad


tbqh if anyone can handle the whacky warm weather of Brazil... it's probably USA where whacky warm weather is equally a big ol' Southern or Arizona thing in fact we have like five or six different climates going on here
FB: Sergio Worth It

How does La Roja spend their free time?

So, you're in Washington DC for a training camp and final friendly before you head out to Brazil to defend your World Cup crown ... you get some time off.

Do you...

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d)Go shopping for lingerie in Victoria's Secret?
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