May 13th, 2014


OH YES SHE DID! Na$ri's Girlfriend Announces His Retirement From French Football!

Read in reverse order, please. Because there's a danger Freddie Ljungberg's* ex-girlfriend (GURL - what happened to your previously flawless taste in men?) will take them down so I made you all a nice picture:

Some of the tweets have, sadly, been deleted already. One was tagged #shouldofbeenspanish which is hilarious for two reasons. And only one of them is the grammar.

Meanwhile, you know I have to ask...

Poll #1968001 We all knew Nasri is a dick. But how much of a dick?

Did Nasri write these tweets himself on his gf's twitter?

Well, obviously. This is totally in character!
OMG never!
They wrote them together.

Also: LOL at Nasri's tag.

Also: I miss him already for ~dramaz. But at least he went down in flames!

*And Darren Bent, Kieran Richardson and Jermaine Pennant if we're going to be pedantic.