May 12th, 2013

  • skonka

I See Your Messi And Raise You One Lampard

lampard cech

Aye, what a day. Winning at Villa - a team full of brutes, beasts and a Benteke - Chelsea proved once again that good triumphs over evil and that good guys wear black.

On a  day when Ramires was bullied and brutalised, when Dave was Tab-Ramos'd, when the legend had to endure chants of 'Die Terry, die', Chelsea rose above it all and crafted a winner of such extraordinary beauty that even the orcs shamed their instincts and applauded. Humanity rose to the occasion.

Chelsea isn't the most likable Club. Who likes a winner? And in Frank Lampard there is much to despise... he is the middle class Londoner in a play that routinely casts working class lads, yeah. He has the genius IQ, the public school background and his road to heaven was paved with gold. (Football famous father, uncle and cousin). But he has also paved that road with goals, two hundred and three of them for Chelsea... and counting.
Lampard, leader, legend.