November 12th, 2012

Sincy {that canadian spirit}

Introducing Second Touch

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With all of the awesome blogs about football (everything from Just Football to 
A Football Report to In Bed With Maradona and all of hundreds of others) as well as the quarterlies that have started cropping up (The BlizzardHowler and XI come to immediate mind), we wanted a place for our writing.

Football is, stereotypically, the boys’ sport. They’re the players, the fans, the writers. If you were to take a cursory glance at the whole of the culture, you might get the idea that it’s just them.

Except it’s not.

According to the popular book Soccernomics, in 2004, more than forty percent of the global audience for Euro 2004 was female. Think about that: eight years ago, almost half of the viewers of what is arguably the second biggest (or, to some, the biggest) football tournament in the world were women. Since then, the numbers have risen and yet, if you look at the bylines or the members of the teams of any of the blogs or magazines, the numbers don’t match up.

That’s where Second Touch comes in.

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