November 7th, 2012


Sporting Lisbon: Another Giant Falls As Reality Bites...

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tl;dr crowd: my beloved Sporting is a shadow of its former glorious self. more than that, it may be following rangers' footsteps and becoming the next 'big' european club to economically implode. the article fails to grasp just how serious the situation is, though. since the last elections there has been a huge rift between Sporting supporters: while Godinho Lopes may technically have won, he did so with only a small percentage of the voters. There were many more people voting for the other candidate, but because older voters get more votes, Godinho Lopes got the highest percentage of votes. On top of that, it was an extremely controversial process and many people (myself included) believe that even considering older votes, Godinho Lopes is NOT the rightful president and the election wasn't won fairly. It also doesn't help that his only great accomplishment has been to set the club 90 more million euros in debt... in just two years. Currently, not only is Sporting €400 millions in debt, it has already sold extremely high percentages of most players in the A and B teams and even some percentages of the most promising players in the youth teams have been sold. any sales in the near future will bring the club only residual values. 

Sporting's ~fall from grace~ doesn't just suck for Sporting fans, though. Not only will it mean a weaker league, Sporting has also long been the backbone of the portuguese NT and 10 out of the 23 players called for Euro 2012 came from Sporting's youth team system (talented guys such as CR7, Nani, Miguel Veloso, Rui Patrício, Moutinho, ...). Unless Sporting's situation is fixed soon, things do not look good for club / NT supporters :((((