October 24th, 2012



Copa America Centennial

On July 2016 the CONMEBOL will fulfill its first century of life, which, in order to commemorate the pomp it deserves, the association presidents and members of the Executive Committee decided to have a tournament of teams across America. This competition, which will be called Centennial Copa America will take place in the United States and will bring together 16 teams, the ten South American, plus 6 of CONCACAF, including Mexico and the United States are two fixed participants. The remaining four-ranked arise from 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Mr. Luis Chiriboga suggested to Mr. Luis Bedoya and Juan Angel Napout as responsible for establishing trade patterns with the company Full Play. Also at this point was weighted bias of Fox Sports and Rede Globo to intervene in the televising of grand tournament.
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source - http://fe1.conmebol.com//asociaciones/Reunion-de-Presidentes-y-el-C.-Ejecutivo-20121024-0005.html

Copa America 2015 in Chile (with Mexico/Japan as guests)
Copa America 2016 Centennial (Anniversary) in US