July 3rd, 2012


Nuno Gomes signs for Blackburn


The former Portuguese international joins the Ewood Park club on a free transfer following his release from Braga at the end of last season, signing a two-year-deal.


So very happy that Nuno gets to continue playing. I have loved him forever. My favorite currently playing footballer and only 2nd to Eusebio for favorite of all time.

If you want to know more about him, check my blog post out I wrote last year when he was released from Benfica.

oh, and he's a fine, fine human being.

He's so well spoken!

I will forever until my dying day stan this man. I'm also 99% sure almost 50% of my kit collection feature his name and number. Woops.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, NUNO! (His birthday is 5 July)

FB: Sergio Worth It



So the curtain has fallen on yet another European competition, Spain took home the trophy (and some killer headaches but now I'm turning the votes over to you in the

Sparklee.com - http://www.sparklee.com

Under the cut you will find award categories that you can vote for your favourite player/team. Just make your decision and post your votes in a comment (pictorial/video/gif evidence to back up your claims are very much encouraged) and if you can think of any other awards that are deserved then feel free to add those too!

Happy voting!

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