July 2nd, 2012


Guess Who Officially Came Out Today

Not Anderson Cooper.

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Four for you girl. Visibility matters. I was young and in the closet during the previous generation of players--if one of them had come out (although it was the 90s/early 2000s so it would've been harder probably) I think my life would have been a little different. When you have someone like you to look up to, your life changes.
FB: Sergio dropping the copa


So RTVE are currently keeping us updated with the NT's movements in preparation for the celebrations later this evening which in general is:

"The agenda of the day for the Spanish team. At 15:00CEST they will arrive at Barajas Airport, at 17:00CEST they will be received by King Juan Carlos at the Zarzuela Palace . Later, from 18:00CEST, in an open-top bus, the players will make their particular parade the streets of Madrid, until 20:30CEST to arrive at the Plaza de Cibeles ."

So I declare this the party/celebration post and while we wait for the celebrations to begin, feel free to post pics/celebration pics etc

Also, what do you think Pepe's player introductions will be this year? Can he improve on Euro '08 and WC '10?

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Wanting to get into football!

Hey guys!

I generally lurk here during international tournaments and that all I really watch. I'm wanting to get into football more cause I love watching (and the boys... oh those boys). Being from North America, we don't get that much exposure to football and I have no idea how league play works. I'm thinking I'd enjoy watching the premier league and want to focus on that.

I feel like I'm WAY behind. I used to be big into hockey, but lost interest after my team was blown up. Now there's so many footballers i'm not familiar with... a bit intimidating. :\

Can anyone have any tips or summaries that would help me pleaasse?