June 27th, 2012

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Miki Roqué: Rest in Peace

This is my very first post in ontd_football and I don't really feel I'm doing it well, but I felt like doing it because I think this needs to be said. On Saturday, Real Betis' player Miki Roqué died at the early age of 23. This boy was diagnosed with a really dangerous cancer in his pelvis, and it seemed to be quite well when he was operated the first time, but it didn't stopped and he had to be operated again.

He finally had a multiple organ failure and died on Saturday 23th.

Real Betis supporters showed his emotions with a lot of messages in a wall of Villamarín Stadium, and even Sevilla FC supporters showed empathy (remembering of course the very sad death of Antonio Puerta) and leaving their differences behind they came to leave messages too.

I don't know what to say, because I'm a Real Betis supporter and I feel really sad because of all the news I am reading of this, but I feel very grateful with Carles Puyol, who paid all the costs of the treatment of Miki.

And in his memory I want to say that he couldn't play in out team as much as I would like him to play, but he really crossed our hearts and we won't be ever capable of get over this. Rest in peace Miki, we will always remember you with all of our love.

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I'm going to leave a translated sentence of an article in Spanish, which mentions Antonio Puerta, Manolo Preciado and Dani Jarque, those who are now with Miki:

'Rest in peace Miki, wherever you are. Don't worry, don't be afraid, Antonio will take care of you. Say hi to Dani when you see him. Stop by to say hello to Manolo when you get to see him and remind him that no one here forgets him, no one could ever forget you.'

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