June 24th, 2012


More French Drama

Nasri targets AFP journalist in foul mouthed tirade

Following news of a dressing-room argument with journalist-shusher Samir Nasri at the center, France manager Laurent Blanc made a few changes for his side's quarterfinal match against Spain. Namely, he left Nasri on the bench and didn't bring him into the match until the 65th minute.

The player, who during France's opening group game with England mouthed "shut your mouth" to television cameras in a message aimed at a L'Equipe journalist who had written a critical article of him that upset his sick mother, lost his cool after the defeat.

According to 20minutes.fr and Reuters, a journalist asked for Nasri's reaction to the loss, which Nasri at first refused, before storming back over to the reporter and saying, "You're always writing s*** stories about us." This is the exchange that followed:

Reporter: "Well get lost, then ..."
Nasri: "You tell me to get lost? Come and we'll sort it out over there. ..."
Reporter: "That's it ..."
Nasri: "F*** you, go f*** your mother, you son of a b****. F*** you, that way you can say I'm rude. "

The French press were quick to draw comparisons with the incident at the 2010 World Cup that saw Nicolas Anelka excluded from the France squad after insulting coach Raymond Domenech. Nasri had been left out of that tournament by Domenech – ironically over concerns about his behaviour after he fell out with senior members of the squad at Euro 2008.

French Football Federation president Noel le Graet has labelled Samir Nasri's behaviour "intolerable".

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Laurent Blanc silent on future after France lose to Spain

Laurent Blanc avoided confirming that he would continue as France coach following their Euro 2012 quarter-final exit against Spain. Asked if he was ready to continue working with the players, Blanc did not give a definitive answer. He did, though, talk of the need for a long process for France to build a team to compete at the highest level.

Blanc has been linked with several clubs in the past months. The 46-year-old was firstly seen as a potential successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, before lately being linked to Chelsea and Tottenham, as well as Inter, who he played for from 1999 to 2001.

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