June 17th, 2012


Picspam: There be some shirtless Greek footballers

Went to this game in the Warsaw stadium not really caring about Greece or Russia, and wishing I was in the fan zone cheering for Poland. My seat was all the way on the top between corner and halfway line, far away from any interesting action. Greece scored right before the end of the first half, and at HT my instinct told me "NEVER MIND SITTING BACK AND WATCHING THE GAME HERE. GO TO THE GREEK SUPPORTERS AREA. GET PHOTOS" and I did exactly that.

Totally did not expect to end up with glorious shirtless & hugging shots. Sotiris Ninis jumped the fence, took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd *__* I have no idea if there are any Greece fans/supporters here, but after seeing them from within the Greek crowd, I have to say I'm a little moved.

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All the photos (including the Russian and Greek supporters shots) on my facebook page:

Video of post-game singing. To the tune of Liverpool's "Oh Campione" but in a language I do not understand!

Spying Scandal at the Euro 2012

England's challenge at Euro 2012 almost was drastically undermined after the team's tactics were leaked to rival Sweden by a snooping journalist.

Ola Billger, 40, used binoculars to spy on England coach Roy Hodgson as he outlined his defensive plan to his team at a Kiev hotel ahead of last Friday's Group D clash.

Billger watched for 40 minutes and compiled detailed notes as Hodgson ran his players through his strategy for defending free-kicks and corners.  Billger then passed on the information to his own national team, which gladly accepted the dossier.

England went on to concede twice from free-kicks to Sweden before coming back to win 3-2, knocking the Scandinavians out of the competition.

Billger, who writes for Stockholm paper Svenska Dagbladet, said he stumbled on the briefing by chance, but was not going to let the opportunity to grab an advantage for his nation slip away.

"I just happened to look out of my third-floor window when I saw Roy Hodgson through a glass roof below," he told The S*n. "I realized I was watching his team briefing and slideshow so decided to take a closer look with my binoculars."

He added, "England decided to lay all their secrets out before me. What was I supposed to do -- look away? I called the Swedish camp straight away and they seemed delighted."

An England source told The S*n, "It's not nice being spied on and bad form of the Swedes to accept information obtained in such an underhand fashion."



I don't know how legit this is, but I saw it on MSN this morning and thought I should share. So, _fb, would you spy for your NT?