June 16th, 2012

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Can we have a predictions post?

Please don't hurt me if this isn't allowed, but I thought it might be fun! Who do you guys think will advance their groups?

This is what I'm predicting/hoping for tbh:

Group A: Russia will place first, and likely Czech will place second.
Group B: Germany will place first with Portugal hopefully placing second. We already know how crucial Portugal v. Netherlands will be.
Group C: Spain will place first, Italy second. Unless Croatia can draw with Spain, that will put Spain and Croatia through on goals scored against other teams (? I think).
Group D: France will place first, England second.

Which will make the quarter finals look like this:

Russia vs. Portugal (Portugal to win plz)
Spain vs. England (lulz good luck with that, England)
France vs. Italy or Croatia (quite neutral, but I’ll pull for either one if they can knock Spain out in semis)