May 28th, 2012

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End of Season Review: Voting.


Hiiii I counted up all the votes and here are the ten for each category:

Collapse )

Same with last yr really:
1) you don't have to vote in every category, so if OTPS et al bore you (or you hate all ten nominations), you can just skip. But the ones you do do, you have to have a 1), 2), 3).

2) Every category aside from match, you can only pick one per team I'm afraid. This needs explaining for categories such as Worst Individual Performance, you can nominate both Torres for Utd-Chelsea and Johnny Evans for Utd-City, as they're players playing for different teams, albeit both matches involving Utd. What you can't do is nominate 1) Zubar and 2) Roger Johnson (as they're both Wolves). But, as I said, this doesn't apply to match, so your top three can all involve a certain team. So if in, say, Dish, you want to nominate two from the same team, sorry, you have to make like Sophie and make a choice! :p

3) This rule doesn't apply across categories though. So say you've picked 1) RVP, 2) Drogba 3) Kompany for best player, you can replicate those exact votes for Hero as well no problem.

4) categories with a line through them have already been decided

Any questions just ask! :3 If you're voting for OTPs I'd love if you gave me suggestions for OTP names too to make my life easier :33333

Enjoy :3333