April 5th, 2012


Just another day in the life of Mario Balotelli. Escorts, Car-Crashes & His Coach Wants to Punch Him

Mario Balotelli Crashes His Famous Bentley, Admits to Visiting Rooney's Escort,
Mancini Wants To Punch Him, and The Daily Mirror Writes Up His 10 Lolziest Moments.

It's all over the news (take your pick of sources) But our favourite lolster is quite all right. He and his famous Bentley - in which he drove around Manchester last fall, slowing down to high-five fans - were involved in a crash. The only surprise is that it seems he's not to blame for the accident. Some idiot did an illegal U-turn.

A lady passenger has been taken to hospital for shock. It is unclear if she is Raffaella Fico.

It just so happens that his coach gave an interview today - hot on the heels of his pronouncement last week that he considered taking Mario off the pitch within 5 minutes of the game starting.

Mancini Speaks With The Daily Mirror: I would have punched him if I'd played with him 10 years ago.

Mourinho wanted to punch him too.

Balotelli’s antics have angered Mancini to such an extent the Manchester City boss said he would take a swing at him if they were team-mates.

Maverick forward Balotelli, who walked away unhurt from a car crash in Manchester city centre on Thursday, has become embroiled in numerous bust-ups with his City team-mates and Mancini said he can see why.

“I told Mario, ‘If you played with me 10 years ago I’d give to you every day maybe one punch in your head,’” said Mancini.

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