March 1st, 2012

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Andres Iniesta quits football to become a pirate

When the producers of soon to be released animated film The Pirates! needed a voice actor to dub the Albino Pirate character into Spanish, the only logical choice was Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta. Sure, he's not a voice actor, but the character's name is Albino. It had to be Iniesta.

In the behind the scenes video above, we see Iniesta at work, voicing the character played by Russell Tovey in the original English. Andres apparently though that voicing the third act of the film was "harder than playing football." Then again, he had to do this without Leo Messi.

Forget the cartoon, watching Andres say his lines while making those hand gestures for an hour and a half is all the entertainment anyone could need.

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Pepe Reina and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Racist Ad

this ad came out earlier this year, and was just as racist then, but it looks like it's finally getting the attention it deserves..

here's the ad with translations....basically, the final section of the ad involves a homophobic joke revolving around pepe's last name ("reina" or "queen") and horrifically stereotypical images of african "tribespeople".

here's the guardian's article about it:

Pepe Reina caught in race row after Spanish TV advert pulled

Another Liverpool player was at the centre of a race row on Wednesday after a Spanish advert featuring the goalkeeper Pepe Reina was pulled after a complaint about its depiction of racial and sexual stereotypes.
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