February 18th, 2012

king rad


Lady Teazle has the links and times in her comment below

There are games today!!

If the first poster after me could post the times and matches that would be awesome because I am doing this from my phone....

All I know is that my bb Marko scored. <3
film • and i choose kill

Missing You.

Juan Mata missed a pen for Chelsea today in the FA Cup, bringing the grand total of Chelsea’s penalty missers this season in all competitions up to four. The Hall of Shame would stand:

Frank Lampard
Nicolas Anelka
David Luiz

& now
Juan Mata as well

So I was wondering who’s missed pens for your team this season (in all competitions, penalty shoot-outs included), and whether or not those misses proved costly?

Here’s Chelsea’s –

Collapse )
Also, my question to you – would you still pick you standard pen-taker to take your penalties, despite their misses??

Cos I’d still back Lampsy to be Chelsea’s penalty taker. He’s had a few dodgy one these seasons but the one he scored against Joe Hart was just flawless and shows that he doesn’t lose his head in a tense situation. Lampsybung 4 me.