December 25th, 2011

blinking bale

this is a tottenham hotspur propaganda post

i haven't posted on them in ages so hair we go~

daws has a big warm mug of no1curr for the haters, such a sweet soul

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earlier this week they played that other west london team (but they have some cute fans, i'll admit ;)), i was m a d it wasn't a spurs win but what can u do other than whine on twitter

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last but not least, two videos

the bb team (and Andros Townsend) made a special video just 4 u

if this didn't make u smile i really feel bad for you, maybe u should see it again so your heart will grow three sizes bigger

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anyway i hope u've been well :)

source(s): daylife for match pics, tumblr reblogs here and here and here for the other photos, twitter RTs for the videos