December 2nd, 2011

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Corruption watchdog cuts ties with FIFA

Corruption watchdog cuts ties with FIFA

Leading corruption watchdog Transparency International said Thursday it was cutting ties with FIFA due to its continued frustrations with the efforts of the football governing body headed by Sepp Blatter to address corruption.

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AP - A leading anti-corruption watchdog has cut ties with FIFA out of frustration with football’s embattled world governing body, dealing a blow to president Sepp Blatter’s mission to clean up the sport.

Transparency International said its working relationship with Blatter’s organization broke down because past allegations of wrongdoing won’t be investigated. It also objected to FIFA paying Swiss bribery expert Mark Pieth to oversee reforms.

Sylvia Schenk, TI’s sports adviser, said she was “just astonished” that its conditions for joining Pieth’s panel - and upholding the not-for-profit group’s standard of independence - were not accepted by FIFA.

“They neglected our recommendations,” Schenk told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “I can’t understand it. I’m just wondering what happened from one day to another. ... It is all the better that we are not a member of it.”

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Euro Draw

Group A Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
Group B Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal
Group C Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia
Group D Ukraine, Sweden, France, England


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