November 21st, 2011

I watch for the plot
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it's that time of the year again: Roma Catalog!

Time for the new AsRoma Catalog..... or better, its (too short if you ask me) backstage vid, featuring Bojan, Stekelenburg, Rosi, Cote, Kjaer plus Osvaldo and Lamela 's naked torsos and damn, this boys are delicious.

no matter the clothes, hats, whatever they put on him... Osvaldo is a sexy beast.


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the catalog will be up at soon I think.

Bonus: Osvaldo pics from the official magazine LaRoma.


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also poor Dani, yesterday he scored the most beautiful goal ever and it was wrongly disallowed! *rage*

you should consider an Osvaldo tag. SRSLY.

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Punk Agger

Emmanuel Eboue pelted with missiles while playing for Galatasaray

Bottles and cigarette lighters were thrown at the former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboué as he played for Galatasaray during their draw with Besiktas. The Ivorian has this season angered opposition fans, attracting allegations that he is a diver, there is dispute as to whether people were throwing objects at him because of this or due to racism. 

Watching the video actually made me  feel slightly sick, what awful people could possibly think it acceptable to keep throwing stuff at a guy who is just trying to do his job and play a football match. 

I wonder whether Blatter thinks Eboue should just get over this?!


The basic rules- Montreal gets to pick 10 players in the expansion draft. There are 18 current teams, so they are allowed one from each team, ten players total. The 18 current teams pick 11 of their current players to protect, aka Montreal cannot take them in this draft. Home grown/Generation Adidas players are protected automatically and are not included in the 11.

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If you are confused, this is a good explanation