November 18th, 2011

chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

Football...and Politics..

Tensions are nothing new among North Korea and Japan. This was evident during the recent World Cup qualifying football match between the two teams, which was taken place in North Korea. The Japanese team played politely and had no penalties. North Korea played much less friendly, and earned seven yellow cards; one player was sent off..

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Did anyone watch this match? Thoughts/interesting discussion? I thought this article was interesting. Much respect to the Japanese for being classy (like they always are), and i guess given the circumstances they also had little choice...

Quelle Surprise

He didn't even ask the other clubs what they wanted. At least not one league. The one he name dropped. Oooopsies. 

Richard Scudamore rejects Barcelona call for smaller Premier League

• Scudamore shuns plans for weekend European games
• Breakaway Euro league 'just not going to happen'

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