October 19th, 2011

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Take the time to say your grace.

'Ello. Chelsea beat Genk 5-0 today in an all-round awesome performance that featured the first Chelsea goal for Raul Meireles, a goal each from Branislav Ivanovic and sub Salomon Kalou, and a brace for Fernando Torres, after he hadn't scored in the Champions League for over two and a half years (whether that be due to him being faily, or playing for a team that weren't in the champs league at the time).

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So what was different this time? Well, I think three things tbh. One, first and foremost, just that Genk were a truly not-very-good side which made a string of clown-music-worthy defensive errors. Secondly, what with Torres being banned from the matches against Bolton and Everton as well as the upcoming West London derby against QPR, it's allowed him to be fresh for the CL games. And thirdly, well, David Luiz ~blessed~ Fernando at the start of the match [thanks be to Sky for picking up on it!], and clearly, that bit of spirituality didn't go amiss! We need to pray! ;)