October 17th, 2011

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Bayern Munich in India

India play Bayern in Bhutia's farewell game

NEW DELHI: Baichung Bhutia will get to lead Team India for one last time on January 10 when they take on FC Bayern Munich in an international friendly.

The friendly has now been officially billed as Bhutia's farewell match.

Bhutia said he was excited to be playing against one of the leading clubs in the world.

"It's an honour to be leading the Indian team for one last time against Bayern Munich. But my biggest challenge will be to get fully fit before Jan 10. It's a great chance for the Indian players as well to play against such world-class players. I have played in the Federation Cup but I still have to get into shape for such a big match. There couldn't have been a better way for my farewell," said Bhutia.

"We saw 1,25,000 people for Oliver Kahn's farewell match in Kolkata and with a stadium like the Nehru stadium in Delhi, it is a challenge for Delhi to outdo Kolkata," said Michael Perschke, head of Audi India and the moving spirit behind getting Bayern Munich more involved with football in India.

All India Football Federation general secretary Kushal Das talked about the great opportunity for Indian football and fans to get a taste of the best of world football. "I promise you we will have the best Indian team fielded for this farewell match," he said.

The proceeds of the match will go towards the development of football in the Northeast and the earthquake victims of Sikkim.

Bayern's hunt for youthful hopes begins

NEW DELHI: FC Bayern Munich scouts kept a watchful eye as some of the capital's best talent turned up to stake their place on the flight to Germany to participate in the FC Bayern Youth Cup, scheduled to be held days after the Champions League final at in May, 2012.

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Picspam with shiz I stole from tumblr time!

You are about to enter a zone of unadulterated sexiness. Go grab a towel and an energy drink baby. This post gon' work you guuud!

So let me start by say that though I am a Madridista and this post will mostly be pics of players from Real Madrid, they aren't the ONLY footballers that I want to bone like. So, I'll be doing posts on some other players later (I'll even do a Barca post so that no one gets their mammaries in a knot). Enjoy.

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Ok so I know what you're thinking. Where is Marcelo...? Not enough Higuain tbh. What about Pepe? Omg Coentrao THOUGH! That's what YOU'RE for homie! Post pics of your fave Blanco. Not a Madridista? POST WHOEVER YOU LIKE! This post is an excuse to perv and party. HAVE FUN!

film • and i choose kill

I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it.

That annoying Chelseabitch who geeks over pernickity points here, just announcin'. :p I was reading The Guardian's sports section, looking at their man marks, and noticed that they seemed to have thinked there were two Luka Modrics on the pitch: --

lol I love how one Modric got booked, and the other didn't :-p

This reminds me of a few months back when The Sun were dumb and thought David Villa and David Silva were the same person, trolololo:

And recently, a Fulham - Man City match finished 2-2, yet the BBC seemed to think City had miraculously scored three goals and Fulham just one, even though there's two goalscorers on the page:--

So I'm putting it to you - screencaps and photos of journalistic fail in the papers and blogs, plz, so we can despair at these ~esteemed football writers who are paid to know their stuff~!

And, just like a Frank Lampard interview is incomplete without a mention of his GCSE in Latin, an Emmabung ontd_football entry isn't complete without an obligatory plug for Secret Santa~~