October 14th, 2011


Excuse his beauty, could do no wrong, etc

"Carlos Tevez demands full apology from Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini in an effort to clear his name"

Carlos Tévez will return to Manchester City on Thursday demanding an apology and retraction from Roberto Mancini as he continues to fight the manager’s allegation that he refused to play as a substitute against Bayern Munich last month.

Artistic rendering of Carlos' beauty and finesse taken & edited from STUDS UP

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Time for a slightly FFA Post

Plan A life with your favorite footballer!

This is kind of an AU kind of thing. Go with me on this, ok?

Tell us where you and your favorite footballer meet. Is it on date? Is it by accident? Do you hate each other to begin with? How long do you date? Do you get married? Where? Describe the wedding! Do you plan a dance? Where do you go on your honey moon? Where's the first place you live? DO YOU HAVE KIDS!? DETAILS PEOPLE, DETAILS!

Have fun!