October 6th, 2011

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Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you.

HAI. I just remembered that I should put up this post for signing up for submissions for the Secret Santa thingymajig this year!

Basically, everyone makes a virtual present, and will have a virtual present made for them. If you want inspiration, have a look at the stuff on ontdfb_santa , but in short, it can be a fanfic, lulz-stories,mixtapes, cracky fic, icons, stunning fanart, picspams, a calendar, or absolutely anything you can think of that can be given virtually. I'm not some kind of power-hungry meglomaniac who will stifle your creative spirit, hehehe. Anything and everything will be welcome! I know a lot of you girlies are talented as, and I know you'll think of interesting spins on popular themes to do as presents.

I'm putting a form for you to fill so that you can get a pressie that you actually want, and also you're not making a gift for a team/player you absolutely loathe. I want the present-making process to be fun to, so I will try my best to allocate people gifts that I know they'll like making. Also, what one person considers bungtastic, could make another wanna vom. A good example of this is slash. So if you don't want a gift of a certain persuasion, don't hesitate to tell it. By all means, be honest, I totally understand if you have lots of pictures of footballers and thus *don't* want a picspam -- just say so! I won't judge!! Comments are screened.


Your present
What you want:
Three things you'd like in your present:
What you don't want:

The present you're giving
What you can make:
What you definitely can't make:
Teams/leagues/players you'd like to make a present for:
Teams/leagues/players you wouldn't like to make a present for:

And finally, this is how I hope things'll go (pretty much identical to last year)
October 29th: Signups close. This gives over 3 weeks for everyone to sign up, so feel free to pimp this post out to get all your f-list stuck in! I'm leaving this open for this length of time also so that those who are on the fence about whether or not they can do it due to time/technological constraints will have a better idea by the end of October
October 31st: Assignments go out. Imma put an entry on ontd_fb saying I've sent all the e-mails when I do, so if you see that but no e-mail, chances are, it's in yer Junk mail =)
Giving you just under seven weeks for you all to make your e-gifts...
December 17th: Last date for me to receive your gifts via e-mail. Could I have them as a notepad extension please.
December 25th: all gifts put up on LJ.
Boxing Day: Who's who produced. LOVEFEST.

As with last year, it'd be soooooo much easier for me if you sent your lj-html text to me in a simple notepad file. That'd be eggcelent. Also, I'm sorry for repeating myself like a dildo but please, once you've committed, actually make your presents. Last year I was responsible for making about seven gifts myself on Christmas Eve and they were the biggest pieces of turd ever, the poor recipients deserved so much better but sadly had to make do with them as their makers bailed. IIRC, one or two girls didn't even get gifts in the end =( I don't mind helping out with resources if things are tough, but whatever you do, don't jump ship. It sucks. So please, don't be a grinch.

Now that that whiny parts over, GO. any questions, I'm allll ears.
GNev/Scholesy kiss

U21 Qualifiers


Group 1 - Greece v San Marino
Group 7 - Liechtenstein v Italy

Group 10 - Austria v Holland

Group 2 - Sweden v Slovenia

Group 10 - Luxembourg v Scotland

Group 1 - Germany v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group 5 - Croatia v Spain

Group 8 - Iceland v England

Group 6 - Portugal v Poland


Rooney's dad and uncle arrested in connection with betting scam

Wayne Rooney’s father was arrested today in connection with an alleged football betting scam. The Manchester United striker's uncle Richie, 54, was also detained by police. The two men were among nine who were detained by police in Merseyside and Glasgow. It is understood Wayne Rooney senior, 48, was arrested at his home in the West Derby area of Liverpool. He has now been bailed pending further inquiries.

The arrests came after a nine-month investigation into the sending off of Motherwell midfielder Steve Jennings, 26. The former Tranmere Rovers player was also arrested in connection with the betting probe today. The Kirkby-born footballer was arrested by Merseyside police on behalf of the Gambling Commission at his home in Glasgow. He was one of nine people arrested, the other eight being detained at addresses on Merseyside.

After being booked for a foul early on in the game Jennings was shown a straight red card for putting his hand on referee Stevie O’Reilly and arguing when a penalty appeal was turned down in the 83rd minute of the SPL clash. Jennings is alleged to have asked O’Reilly when he was going to stop “cheating” Motherwell.But questions were raised by bookies when it emerged that several bets were made on a player being sent off including a £500 gamble placed through a new account opened in Liverpool at 10/1 odds. Two members of the Association of British Bookmakers, including online betting company Blue Square, reported concerns the day after the match.

In a statement SFA chief executive Stewart Regan attributed the information to the Gambling Commission and said the arrest follows “extensive inquiries” into alleged betting irregularities at a Scottish Premier League match. Mr Regan added: “While the investigation involves several other individuals outside Scotland, it is important to stress that the evidence gathered throughout this thorough period of investigation has involved only one Scottish match. Motherwell FC are aware of the situation and will issue a response in due course. The Scottish FA will make no further comment at this stage."

Merseyside Police said: “Detectives have today executed warrants at 10 addresses across Merseyside and Glasgow and arrested nine men as part of an investigation into suspicious betting activity. The arrests are the culmination of a joint operation with the Gambling Commission and the nine who have been arrested for conspiracy to defraud are being interviewed by detectives. Those arrested are a 29-year-old from Bootle, a 48-year-old from West Derby, a 54-year-old from Norris Green, a 26-year-old from Croxteth, a 22-year-old from Kirkdale, a 31-year-old from Litherland, a 68-year-old from Fazakerley, a 36-year-old from Kirkby and a 26-year-old from Glasgow.