October 4th, 2011


oh look, the fa doing something right

Everton's Jack Rodwell wins appeal against controversial red card

Jack Rodwell's appeal against his controversial red card in last weekend's Merseyside derby has been upheld and he will not serve a ban.

The 20-year-old Everton midfielder was sent off by the referee, Martin Atkinson, in the 23rd minute for a challenge on Luis Suárez which appeared neither dangerous nor reckless.

Everton lodged a claim for wrongful dismissal with the Football Association and the governing body's appeals panel have upheld that claim. The decision means Rodwell's three-match suspension has been withdrawn.

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FB: Savage/Rio

EU rules that Premier League fans can buy cheap foreign TV coverage


• European Union's highest court rules it is not illegal for football fans to buy set-top box decoder cards from foreign broadcasters

• Ruling could have huge impact on the way BSkyB and other broadcasters buy rights to sport, movies and foreign TV shows

Football fans will potentially be able to watch cut-price Premier League matches, after the European Union's highest court ruled on Tuesday that it is not illegal for individuals to buy set-top box decoder cards from foreign broadcasters.

The European Court of Justice ruled that the FA Premier League cannot stop individuals from seeking better deals for TV sports subscriptions than that offered by BSkyB – which paid more than £1bn for the UK broadcast rights for Premier League matches – from foreign broadcasters.

The ECJ said attempting to prohibit the "import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards is contrary to the freedom to provide services and cannot be justified either in light of the objective of protecting intellectual property rights or by the objective of encouraging the public to attend football stadiums".

However, the court ruled against the bid by Karen Murphy, the landlady of the Red, White and Blue pub in Portsmouth, to be allowed to use a Greek decoder card to show live Premier League matches to pubgoers at much cheaper rates than BSkyB charges commercial premises in the UK on copyright grounds.

The ECJ said the transmission in a pub is a "communication to the public", which means that without the permission of the FA Premier League Murphy is in breach of the copyright directive. This directive would not stop individuals buying foreign decoder cards for domestic use.

However, the ECJ said live match coverage itself was not covered by copyright protection, although the Premier League could claim ownership of FAPL-branded opening video sequences, theme music, on-screen graphics and highlights of previous matches. This means that as long as the FAPL and BSkyB ensure that match coverage includes enough copyright elements pubs will not be allowed to show foreign broadcasts.

The FA Premier League, which sells TV rights exclusively to broadcasters across Europe on a territory-by-territory basis, has been clamping down on British pubs buying in live coverage from foreign broadcasters. The ECJ ruling could potentially have a huge impact on the way BSkyB and other UK and European broadcasters buy rights to sport, films and foreign TV shows.

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I thought I'd post this up here because it's quite an interesting article but I doubt imma be running out to buy a decoder - I'll stick to my streams kthanx

Pique and Shakira No More?

Twitter is exploding with comments on a rumor, started by Mexican Magazine “TV Notas,” that Barça defense Piqué cheated on Shakira with a much younger girl.

The magazine says that sources close to Shakira said the Colombian star decided to end her relationship with Barcelona futboler Gerard Piqué a few weeks ago, which would explain why the once inseparable couple hasn’t been in the news for a while.

Neither party has issued any comments.
(Notitas de Noticias)

Some Media are reporting this as a 'fact',  while others keep saying it's a rumor.  It seems a pretty solid source anyway (if not lied about it)

So the claims are that they have allegedly split due to Pique's infidelity. What do you think True or just another rumour? 


do not even make me cut a bitch
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Euro 2012, the animal cruelty edition

Stray Dogs and Cats Being Burned Alive in Ukraine
by Ofunne Okwudiafor
September 30, 2011
10:00 pm

Ukraine and Poland won the bid to host the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. Government officials knew that major preparations needed to be arranged in the Ukraine in order to accomodate the thousands of people that attend the tournanment every year, but citizens were not aware that part of the preparation would include slaughtering stray animals.

Read more: here (link will open in a new tab/window)

Since I'm taking this from a blog post, I'm only posting the first bit and hopefully you guys will click through and read the rest. There is a petition that will be sent to the Ukrainian president that has already reached the 400,000 signature goal.

I don't know about y'all but as a football fan I'm kind of disgusted by the actions the city officials of Lysychansk are taking toward their stray animal population to prepare for the tournament, and I'm wondering if there's more we as fans can do to stop this from happening. Any suggestions? People to contact who might want to cover it, that sort of thing. All suggestions welcome.

ETA: One of the commenters at Care2's site is a girl from Ukraine who put up links to the group she's involved with. They do have an English version of their site and twitter but there isn't much there yet: http://en.votvete.com and http://twitter.com/#!/votvete_en
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18-year-old Tom Bender suffers a serious head injury during a Johnstone's Paint Trophy match

Wales U21 and Accrington Stanley player Tom Bender suffered a serious head injury during a cup-tie against Tranmere, forcing the match to be abandoned.
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Hope it's appropriate to post this as it's all over Twitter. Latest news suggests that he has a broken neck but my thoughts are with both him and his family.
E: 'Sky Sports News reporting Tom Bender now in stable condition' (source)