September 20th, 2011

GNev/Scholesy kiss

Fatnando post!

So at the weekend there was some football games or something going on, however it would appear someone forgot to remind a certain Fatnando "too busy eating my feelings in the cake shop Cesc recently vacated to score" Torres that for a goal to count in has to go between the posts, not just past them.

For those of you who missed his "effort" at scoring in an open goal, I provide you with videographic evidence:


Now, before we all jump headlong onto the bashing bandwagon, spare a thought for poor Mr Torres who is now being dubbed with the honour of "one of the worst misses ever" ...

But is it really?

Or do we all just want to jump on him because we're jealous of how rich, handsome and talented he is his amazing skills, shots, highlights bitchfaces?

So, while Torres drowns his sorrows in a vat of buttercream, it's time to open the debate to ontd_fb ... 

What's the worst miss you have ever seen in a football game?
FB: Savage/Rio

Midweek Match Madness


Aldershot Town v Rochdale
Arsenal v Shrewsbury Town
Aston Villa v Bolton Wanderers
Burnley v MK Dons
Leeds United v Manchester United
Nottingham Forest v Newcastle United
Stoke City v Tottenham Hotspur
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Millwall

Blackburn Rovers v Leyton Orient
Crystal Palace v Middlesbrough


Novara v Inter Milan

la liga,leagues

Osasuna v Sevilla
Real Sociedad v Granada

Villarreal v Mallorca

Bordeaux v Lille

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giovani dos santos is naked and has a white blackberry

dont think this has been posted...

according to a mexican magazine called TV y Notas, giovani dos santos loves to take naked pictures of himself because he is vain and it makes him feel good. they also claim that he parties a lot, dates celebrities and likes erotic games and that those things are distracting him from his career

the picture in question was just released today but supposedly was taken two years ago

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spanish article