September 3rd, 2011

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Bulgaria's Lothar Matthäus apologises for racist abuse of England players

The Bulgaria coach, Lothar Matthäus, apologised for the conduct of a minority of the country's fans after England players were subjected to racist abuse at the Vasil Levski stadium.

Sections of the home support directed monkey chants at Ashley Young, Ashley Cole and Theo Walcott during the second half here as the visitors strolled to a comfortable victory. That prompted the Football Association to raise the issue with the Bulgarian Football Federation and the Uefa delegate at the game after the final whistle, with Uefa considering what action, if any, should be taken.

Matthäus, the former Germany captain, had apparently not been aware of the chants during the second half but, having been informed of the abuse, did express his regret. "I cannot say too much about this as I wasn't really aware of it but, in my capacity as the manager, it's pitiful for things like this to happen," he said. "So, as a result of that, I'd like to apologise on behalf of the Bulgarian Football Federation."

England's players were conscious of the chants, with Walcott acknowledging as much in the aftermath. "I was aware of it," said the winger. " I think the FA will deal with it but it was very clear. I ignored it. But that's me. The result tonight was the most important thing." The captain, John Terry, also conceded that the abuse had been obvious, adding: "You don't expect that at all. It was a great spectacle for everyone to watch this evening. Let's not let that spoil it."

There were chants from sections of the England support of "Where's your caravan?" directed at the locals, though it is unclear whether the match delegates will include that in their match reports to be submitted to Uefa from the fixture.


I really hope that UEFA will do something about this but it's good to see Lothar Matthäus acknowledging and apologising for it rather than trying to preten it didn't happen
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Danish NT speak out against Domestic Violence

National team yesterday joined with the Minister for Equality, Lykke Friis, in a campaign to say no to violence against women.

28,000 Danish women are annually subjected to violence by their current or former partner. The national team shows, with the campaign "Give violence against women the red card", that they are ready reject violence against women.

On the pitch there are clear rules. How should it be in homes. Therefore the campaign that has Daniel Agger, Thomas Sorensen and Simon Kjær as front figures urges everyone to give violence against women a red card.

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This is a really amazing campaign from the Danish NT and is good to see an NT trying to support such a good cause

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It's 12:00 am here in these Ole United States. Do you know what that means? That means its officially 9/4/2001 and we can OFFICIALLY celebrate the Birthday of RAUL ALBIOL TORTAJADA.

*Actually, I finished this post WAY earlier than anticipated so let's just get the party started a little early.*

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¡feliz cumpleaños! Chori! (...which means sausage...he was given the nickname SAUSAGE...*drooooool*)