August 22nd, 2011

first premier league manger to leave odds

Steve Kean @ 1.83
Neil Warnock @ 7.0
Arsene Wenger @ 7.0
Alan Pardew @ 10.0
Steve Bruce @ 12.0
David Moyes @ 15.0
Alex McLeish @ 19.0
Harry Redknapp @ 21.0
Roberto Mancini @ 26.0
Brendan Rodgers @ 34.0
Paul Lambert @ 34.0
Roberto Martinez @ 34.0
Roy Hodgson @ 34.0
Owen Coyle @ 41.0
Mick McCarthy @ 41.0
Tony Pulis @ 41.0
Andre Villas-Boas @ 41.0
Martin Jol @ 41.0
Kenny Dalglish @ 51.0
Sir Alex Ferguson @ 51.0
No manager to leave this season 101.0


how do you feel about this? are the odds fair? will wenger actually leave? does steve kean have an icecube's chance in hell? why the hell is a chelsea manager at those odds?

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great news!

John Mikel Obi's father found alive

The father of Chelsea and Nigeria star John Mikel Obi has been found alive in the Nigerian city Kano.

Michael Obi was last seen on 12 August in the Nigerian city of Jos ,where his car was found there last Wednesday.

Obi Senior told the BBC that he had been kidnapped in Jos and transferred to Kano.

"I am very stressed," he said.

His abductors are now in police custody in the northern Nigerian city.

Michael Obi's face showed signs of the beatings that he says he endured while in custody.

More to follow.

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last night, i stayed up into the early hours of the morning to watch events unfold in Libya, where Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's 41-year reign seems poised to topple as the latest event in the arab spring. it's a truly amazing accomplishment, and if you're not following it, i urge you to check out al jazeera's in-depth coverage of the situation.

anyway, during the hours of footage that rolled in from Tripoli, Misrata, and Benghazi (as well as celebrations all over the world), i began to notice that many of the rebels and celebrants were wearing football jerseys from famous teams. on a lark, i screen-capped a bunch of them. obviously i don't mean to downplay the importance of the revolution, but i thought people might be interested.

two photos of libyan rebels, taken by life magazine.

very image-heavy....

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