August 19th, 2011

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photocall cuteness/BAE with some real talk/♫ spurs through the hearts, and ur to blame ♫

i know u were desperately waiting all summer for one of these, do not lie ;)

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anyway, on thursday the team had a game for europa league qualification and while it wasn't as vomit-inducing as the young boys CL game (what a difference a year makes~) there were still thrills, spills and more thrills. a kind soul on tumblr animated some of the major parts but you can take a trip down memory lane right here too.

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now for the first league game of the united away. what delight.
FB: Raul and Guti

Official - La Liga players will strike & postpone the start of the season

It should have been a Super Sunday.

At 6pm, it was Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao, the latter under the new management of the fascinating Marcelo Bielsa.

Then, at 8pm, there was a chance to see La Liga's latest force, Qatari-owned Málaga, with nine new signings and the league's third biggest budget, take on Barcelona at home.

And finally, at 10pm, Real Betis were to make their top-flight return – against city rivals Sevilla in the most passionate derby in the country.

It should have been special but La Liga will not start this weekend.

The players' union, the AFE, is in dispute with the league, the LFP, and has declared a strike. La Liga may not even start next weekend: the original proposal was for a two-week walkout, although meetings are scheduled to try to avoid industrial action dragging on. In fact, it may be extended further: there has been talk of an indefinite stoppage. There have been many strike threats, including two last season alone. The surprise is that this one will go ahead.

Read the whole article with background and explanation here

Gutted that La Liga has been delayed, but if it means the players get the treatment they deserve, it's worth it.