July 23rd, 2011

Hot Rhod

Morace era ends shamefully for Canadian soccer

Stephen Brunt | Globe and Mail

They certainly believed.

To a woman, the members of Canada’s national soccer team arrived at the Women’s World Cup in Germany imbued with a kind of evangelistic zeal when it came to their coach, Carolina Morace.

She had retaught them the game from the ground up, given them the gift of style, of beautiful, technically and tactically advanced soccer, and they prospered, rising to a historic high of sixth in the world. She had taken them to Italy and immersed them in an obsessive soccer culture. She had stood beside them as both fought the Canadian Soccer Association – the players for compensation, Morace for autonomy – and in winning those battles, had created what every coach desires, a sense of us against the world.

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Fairly balanced article, imo. I hope they find a coach by the end of the summer.

FIFA does something.

Fifa bans Mohamed Bin Hammam for life over attempted bribery claims.

Former Fifa presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam has been banned from football for life after being found guilty of attempted bribery.

The governing body's ethics committee made the decision on Saturday after a two-day hearing.

Bin Hammam was accused of attempting to buy votes ahead of last month's Fifa presidential election.

The 62-year-old Qatari withdrew from the election, leaving Sepp Blatter to be re-elected unopposed.

The decision makes Bin Hammam the most senior figure to be banned by Fifa in its 107-year history.
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