July 22nd, 2011

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USWNT taking over ontd_fb and also their club teams

U.S. soccer hero Abby Wambach will become player-coach of Boca Raton-based magicJack club

Abby already getting in some coaching at the WNY Flash-MagicJack game on Wednesday

Abby Wambach used her head to score one of the most memorable goals in U.S. soccer history. Now she has a chance to use her head even more.

For the rest of this season, Wambach will not only play for, but also coach, Boca Raton-based magicJack, her club in the Women's Professional Soccer league, team owner Dan Borislow said Thursday.

"The thing people don't know is she's incredibly smart," Borislow said. "If you gave her an IQ test, she'd probably come out a genius."

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Oh, magicjack...they were Washington Freedom but were bought by Dan Borislow, inventor of the magicjack usb device. And then he bought about half the USWNT. In a world cup year when they'd all be gone a lot.

Their coach left/was fired/idek and then Borislow himself was banned from matches (and fined). I hear that at the game on Wednesday no one knew what the line-up was going to be before the game, and Abby was the only one communicating with the players from the bench.

I also hear that Christie Rampone is likely to help Abby out - she became player-coach of Sky Blue FC at the end of the 2009 WPS season and led them through the playoffs to a championship! So I feel bad for all the players cos it seems like a stressful club to play for, but I'm excited because I adore Abby and Christie. And I think player-coaches are sexy.

Here are a couple articles on the coaching and the disciplinary measures, I couldn't find a good solid summary of the whole saga:

and bonus Abby in an excessively tight Washington Freedom kit, because I love you all

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FIFA "WTF" World Rankings: Women's Edition

Today FIFA released the Women's National Team rankings, updated after the conclusion of the 2011 Women's World Cup. What's changed? Well, in the top five...nothing.

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England lost to France in the quarterfinals, so naturally they rose four spots to overcome them in the rankings...well, at least FIFA is totally equal-opportunity in one arena: shit that makes no sense.
Steven Gerrard
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Ho, what a shock!

Bojan, transferred to AS Roma

Bojan is already taking fashion tips from Borriello. (Horrible photoshoping, I know, but I did this really quickly. :p)

FC Barcelona and AS Roma have reached an agreement for the sale of Bojan Krkic for 12 million euros. The player will be giving a press conference at 13.30 in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom at the Camp Nou.

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